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The Den Design Group strives to bring the best space planning, finishes, and materials
 to residential + commercial new builds and remodels in the Bay Area (and beyond).


meet nicole and desiree

A sister-duo, with a talent for space planning, love for fine finishes, and passion for designing functional and beautiful homes.  Nicole and Desiree grew up in the North Bay, surrounded by Construction, Real Estate, and Design, which led them to both pursue their education in Interior Design.  They have spent the last decade working alongside a high-end residential developer in Silicon Valley, designing and managing the build of over 70 luxury homes.

"We love our custom house so much, and while I would love to say I did it myself, the truth is Nicole and Desiree are 100% responsible for the amazing end result. What I thought was going to be an overwhelming construction project, turned out to be a super fun time and I am so grateful to them both. Thank you Nicole & Desi!”  - "The Creek" Client, Cathy M.

We believe great design is personal.

We want our Clients to feel fully comfortable with handing over their home to us.  We work closely with them to determine how they use their space, and help guide their vision into reality by making sure every detail is taken care of. 

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+ remodels

Working with our clients to bring FUNCTION and BEAUTY to their HOME... 

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