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June 5, 2024

Behind the Scenes

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We’re a sister duo with a combined 18 years of experience specializing in elevated Interior Design throughout the Bay Area. We aim to create thoughtful, purposeful, and timeless designs that will serve you and your families for generations.

Hello and Welcome to The Den Design Group’s blog! If you are reading this it means you have either stumbled upon us through social media where we’ve been documenting and sharing our projects the last year and half, or you know us through friends, family, or one of our Clients. How ever you have found your way here, we are happy to have you and excited to start this journey with you all. 

For those of you who don’t know us we are Desiree Fox and Nicole Cave, two of three sisters born and raised in beautiful Sonoma County, California. We have lived and breathed houses since long before we can remember. Our love and passion for Architecture and Interior Design began when we were children, drawing floor plans for our classmates’ dream homes, or creating Barbie compounds… that’s right, just like the one you saw in the movie, we created it first… Haha, KIDDING but maybe. That love and passion came to fruition when a year and half ago we launched The Den Design Group. 

Combined we have 15 years of experience working in the luxury residential design-build industry, specifically working as Project Managers/Lead Designers for a high-end residential developer out of Silicon Valley. In those roles we learned the ins and outs of Construction and Design, coordinating and managing all aspects of ground up construction for over 70 homes. We have found that one thing that sets us apart in the Interior Design industry is our construction management knowledge. Knowing the needs of contractors on the job site means being able to provide them with the information they are looking for, what material selections need to be made, creating and meeting timelines to keep projects moving forward smoothly, and having a design aesthetic that our clients are looking for. Being versed in all aspects of building and designing homes allows us to give our clients a cohesive experience, one we hope they love. 

We have been fortunate enough to have clients from all different walks of life and have been grateful that they’ve trusted us with their entire home building process. We know that building a home or remodeling is an emotionally and physically exhausting task, with endless decisions to make. Our goal is to make the experience as seamless as possible, and fun! With that goal in mind we wanted to create a Design Guide that would give our Client’s an easy and simple way of understanding and choosing designs for their homes. So, we’ve spent the last few months gathering information and have created processes to streamline our Clients wish list, both aesthetically and functionally. Whether it’s a new build, a remodel, or just painting your front door, our Design Guide will introduce you to several options out there in each design category. This Design Guide is there to help educate you and keep you organized in your journey, as well as help you communicate with your Contractor. This Guide will give you ideas on where to shop, what to look for, helps describe the differences in the decisions you’ll be making, and gives our thought process on different finishes, functions, etc. Through this process we decided we would love to share this information with not only our Clients, but for all those going through a construction project that want help and guidance. 

So, that is why we have started this blog, to share our wealth of knowledge and to hopefully bring understanding, ease, and enjoyment to those going through the journey of home

design. We thank you for stumbling upon our page and hope you find our information valuable! We hope you follow along, and we are excited to share our tips and tricks with you! 


Desi and Nicole

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